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Sheet Metal Fabrication throughout London

Akramatic has over 50 years of experience providing quality sub-contract sheet metal and stainless steel fabrication work throughout London and the United Kingdom. We offer a wide range of quality products and services, from fine limit sheet metal work to medium-sized fabrication, welding services, and powder coating utilising our in-house facilities.

We can also offer bespoke metal fabrication services with CAD/CAM technology, inventor software, CNC machinery, laser cutting, sheet metal folding, and more. Not to mention our highly, trained team of welders will be on hand to assist you throughout the entire process.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication (sometimes known as aluminium fabrication, metal fabrication, and more) is the process of turning flat sheets of steel or aluminium metal into solid metal structures or products by cutting, rolling, folding, and punching metal sheets into shape. Sheet metal fabrication makes use of press brakes, which ease the process of fabrication by helping to create sharp bends and angles within the metal.

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Metal Fabrication Services Offered Throughout London

While we might be based in Derbyshire, we have undertaken a wide variety of different projects within London.

  • Sheet Metal Rolling – Sheet metal rolling is the process of passing metal sheets through a series of carefully calibrated rollers in order to roll the metal sheet into the desired shape and size. This is ideal for creating sheet metal cylinders, curved surfaces, and more. We offer an unrivalled sheet metal rolling service and can craft rolled metal sheets ranging from just a few millimetres to up to 1700mm wide.
  • Sheet Metal Folding – Sheet metal folding is the process of taking flat sheet metal and folding it precisely to create solid metal structures and products using a machine allowing for tiny intricate folds and a wide variety of possible shapes. We offer premier sheet metal folding services with unrivalled precision and speed leading to impressively short lead times.
  • CNC Punching – Computer numerically controlled (CNC) punching is the process of taking flat metal sheets and allowing the CNC punching machine to seamlessly move a sheet of metal across an X & Y direction in order to accurately position the sheet under the machine punching ram in order to cut shapes out of metal sheets. Our facilities have industry-leading CNC punching services for unrivalled speed, precision, and efficiency.
  • Laser Cutting & Profiling –  Laser cutting and profiling is the process of measuring and cutting flat metal sheets using a laser for super-precise accuracy to ensure surface and geometry quality levels with very tight tolerances in industrial operating conditions. Our industry-leading laser cutting and profiling machines are able to cut large sheets of flat metal with remarkable precision, speed, and accuracy, with the ability to work on batch sizes from a few single parts to 1000s.
  • CAD & CAM Design – CAD/CAM design is the process of designing and engineering sheet metal into products and structures with the help of a computer in order to accurately draw out designs. We can use CAD/CAM design software in order to take customers sheet metal drawings all the way to complete production efficiently. 

Industries We Can Help

We have been helping a wide range of industries with our sheet metal fabrication and steelwork services since 1967. During this time we have worked extensively throughout London providing quality sub-contract sheet metal and steel fabrication. Industries we find ourselves regularly working with include;

Power Generation

We have been helping a wide range of industries with our sheet metal fabrication and steelwork services since 1967. During this time we have worked extensively throughout London providing quality sub-contract sheet metal and steel fabrication. Industries we find ourselves regularly working with include;

Retail Lighting

We often manufacture bespoke metal components for the retail and lighting industries and have been ever since we started over 50 years ago. Within this time we have worked on basically every fabrication scenario and type.


For more than half a century we have been working with the telecommunications sector to provide high-quality metal fabrication services. We count some of the largest and most globally recognised communication companies as our customers.

Fire Protection

We have been delivering quality metal fabrication to assist with fire protection and prevention. Our work can be found across a range of industries and facilities including homes, hospitals, data centers, and more.


Anywhere and everywhere you look within modern society, you’ll notice a wide variety of metal fabrication. With such ever-changing demands, metalwork has slowly developed into somewhat of an art form requiring increased craftsmanship.

Heating Ventilation

We have been designing and manufacturing steel HVAC chilled beams (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) for more than half a century. These are specially made to deliver quality and comfort into a building. Our components can be made to either fit into the existing ductwork or into bespoke ductwork.


The medical industry requires a wide range of metalwork fabrication – we follow ISO 9001:2015 material control processes to ensure all products meet strict hygiene standards expected.

Road & Rail

We are a leading supplier to the road & rail transit industry, managing and providing all types of long-term original equipment manufacturing contracts. Our experts’ design, manufacture and assemble all types of miscellaneous transportation hardware.

Products We Can Fabricate

We have undertaken a wide variety of jobs in our time within the industry, from fabricating railings, handrails and balustrades to architectural metalwork, furniture and more. We are equipped with the latest sheet metal fabrication tools and welding equipment.

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