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Sheet Metal Fabrication throughout Manchester

Akramatic has been offering excellent sub-contract sheet metal and stainless steel fabrication work in Manchester for almost 50 years. We employ our in-house facilities to provide a wide range of quality products, goods and services, ranging from fine limit sheet metal work to medium-sized fabrication, welding, and powder coating.

With CAD/CAM technology, inventor software, CNC machines, laser cutting, sheet metal folding, and more, we can provide custom metal fabrication services of any size for a range of clients. Not to mention that our highly qualified staff of welders will be there to help you throughout the entire procedure.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication (also known as aluminium fabrication, metal fabrication, and other terms) is the process of cutting, rolling, folding, and piercing flat sheets of steel or aluminium metal into solid metal structures or goods. Press brakes are used in sheet metal production to assist generate acute bends and angles in the metal, which makes the process easier. Sheet metal fabrication is used in creating a wide range of common products for a variety of industries such as kitchen and restaurant equipment, tanks, ventilation systems and much more.

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Manchester Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We’ve been delivering quality steel fabrication and metalwork services throughout Manchester since 1967. We’re able to offer a wide range of the highest quality products, from small fine limit sheet metal work to huge projects where fabrication, welding and more are required. Find out more about the services we offer throughout Manchester;

    • Sheet Metal Rolling – We’re able to provide a sheet metal rolling service throughout Manchester starting from just a few millimetres wide to larger completely bespoke projects. Thanks to investments into the latest rolling sheet metal machinery, coupled with the expert knowledge of our team, we’re able to take on even the most demanding projects.
    • Sheet Metal Folding – We’re able to offer fast and accurate sheet metal folding to customers throughout Manchester as we run our machines 24/7, allowing for the quickest turnaround times on projects as well as unrivalled affordability. Our expert team have decades’ worth of experience with sheet metal folding and can create sheet metal in basically any shape and profile required.
    • CNC Punching – Our facilities have the capability of producing industry-leading CNC punching with unrivalled speed, precision and efficiency. We have been producing CNC punching since 1967 and in over a decade we have developed the capabilities to execute the finest metal punching. Our machine makes use of CAD/CAM software to ensure the quickest turnaround times.
    • Laser Cutting & Profiling – Our industry-leading laser profiling and laser cutting machine are capable of cutting large flat sheet metal at remarkable speeds with incredible accuracy. We have the capabilities to work on batch sizes from a few singular parts to 1000’s. We have supplied quality laser profiling work to our customers throughout Manchester for a number of years.
    CAD & CAM Design – We make use of the very latest in CAD/CAm design software to take customer sheet metal drawings from an idea to a finished product In little to no time. Our team of experienced engineers are capable of converting and importing any CAD model to help create or design original parts.

Industries We Can Help

Our skilled metals fabricators can create a wide range of goods for a variety of sectors. We are proud of our 45,000-square-foot facility and recent substantial improvements that have allowed us to increase our capacity to service the entire fabrication sector.

Power Generation

Over the past half a century we have helped to design and manufacture a wide range of products for the power generation industry including providing metalwork services for sub-stations, security doors, bespoke enclosures and more.

Retail Lighting

Creating bespoke metal components for the retail lighting industry is a cornerstone of what we do. We design and manufacture bespoke rail metalworks so shops, supermarkets and high street stores can make the most effective displays and point of sales possible.


For over half a century we have been helping to supply and create bespoke metalwork for the telecommunications industry from junction boxes and telephone components to power distribution units and gear trays, if there’s a part you need, we can make it.

Fire Protection

We have been helping to deliver metalwork that assists with fire prevention and protection. Our work can be found in a range of facilities including data centres, military centres and more. From fire sprinkler systems to fire safety cabinets and more, we can provide a convenient and comprehensive service.


We don’t just create metalwork for specialist industries, we’re also proud to supply metal fabrication for general industries including use such as packaging, food processing and even office environments.

Heating & Ventilation

We have been engineering and manufacturing HVAC systems and chilled beams (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) for a number of years. Our chilled beams are made with quality in mind and can be crafted to exact specifications for existing ductwork or bespoke ductwork.


We commonly provide metalwork fabrication for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, ensuring we always follow strict ISO 9001:2015 material control processes. From medical cabinets to specialist machines and trollies, we always ensure our products meet the strict hygiene standards expected.

Road & Rail

We have been providing the road and rail travel industry with bespoke metalwork to create a wide range of products and structures required. From luggage stacks to bracketry and painted interior panels, we can manufacture components for train cars, railways, buses and more.

Products We Can Fabricate

We’re able to design, manufacture and produce a wide variety of bespoke products for a range of different applications and industries. From providing chilled beams to the HVAC industry to specialist medical machines for the medical industry, we’re proud to be able to design and manufacture quality sheet metal products when and where it’s required to the exact specification of our clients.

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