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Offering High-Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication To Wolverhampton

Akramatic Engineering has earned itself an excellent reputation for knowledge and expertise in sheet metal fabrication becoming the preferred supplier in Wolverhampton. We have 50 years of experience working with many different clients throughout the West Midlands. During this time, we have been developing our manufacturing facilities and steel fabrication services. We are now able to construct impressive steel structures at convenient prices. 

Our manufacturing facilities have up-to-date machinery such as CAD/CAM technology, inventor software, CNC machinery, laser cutting, sheet metal folding, and more. Running these machines is Akramatic’s skilled workforce. Our dedicated staff is here so that you get the very best customer service. 

How Does Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

Sheet metal fabrication involves transforming flat sheets of aluminium and steel into metal structures or products. For example, railings, balustrades, handrails, and even kitchen and restaurant equipment. During the process metal sheets are cut, pierced, punched, and folded into the desired shape.

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Metal Fabrication Services We Can Offer To Wolverhampton

Akramatic has been providing made-to-measure sheet metal fabrication to Wolverhampton for years. Take look below for more information on how we provide the best metalwork in Wolverhampton:

  • Sheet Metal Rolling – Rolling is a metalworking process that reduces the thickness of metal making it more uniform. This is achieved by feeding the metal stock through a series of rollers designed to mould and form sheet metal. Sheet rolling is a versatile process that can generate a variety of geometric shapes like hoops, cylinders, and combs. 
  • Sheet Metal Folding – Using a computer-guided machine we can fold sheet metal with a high level of accuracy, producing quality metal structures and products to desired specifications. With the latest forming technology, we can fold sheet metal at high speeds accurately. As a result, we can offer customers rapid turnaround times. 
  • CNC Punching – Refers to Computer numerically controlled punching and involves a computer program coordinating shapes and outlines onto sheet metal precisely. Once the shapes have been highlighted the computer continues by moving the sheet metal in an ‘X’ and ‘Y’ direction. When the sheet is positioned correctly the designated areas can be targeted with the punching ram.
  • Laser Cutting & Profiling – Involves accurately cutting and measuring sheet metal with a guided laser for high-quality cuts. Through the introduction of our new hi-tech facility, we can work with big and small batch sizes whilst maintaining fast turnaround times.  
  • CAD & CAM Design – CAD/CAM design is the process of designing and engineering sheet metal into products and structures with the help of a computer to accurately draw out designs. We can use CAD/CAM design software in order to take customers’ sheet metal drawings all the way to complete production efficiently.
  • MIG & TIG Welding – Our services include MIG, TIG, Spot, and Stud Welding in metal & alloy types. We can also supply part or full assembly of items post-paint.

Industries We Have Worked With

Akramatic have been in this business for a long time. With that being said we have had the pleasure of working with many industries in many different sectors ranging from medical to fire protection. for more information on the industries we cover look below:


For over 50 years we have been working with the telecommunications sector to provide high-quality metal fabrication services. We count some of the largest and most globally recognised communication companies as our customers.


The medical industry requires a wide range of metalwork fabrication – we follow ISO 9001:2015 material control processes to ensure all products meet strict hygiene standards expected.

Road & Rail

We are a leading supplier to the road & rail transit industry, managing and providing all types of long-term original equipment manufacturing contracts. Our experts’ design, manufacture and assemble all types of miscellaneous transportation hardware.

Fire Protection

We have delivered quality metal fabrication to assist with fire protection and prevention for decades. Our work can be found across a range of industries and facilities including homes, hospitals, data centres, and more.

Fabrication Product Range

Whether it’s precision machining, small batch production or welding, Akramatic can facilitate. We offer a wide range of fabricated products for you to choose from. Our product quality is at the top of our industry and with recent investments, we can manufacture your sheet at an affordable and rapid rate.

Streamlined Sheet Metal Fabrication

Since 1967 Akramatic has been a market leader in the steel fabrication field by combining our knowledge and expertise with computer-assisted software. Our steel products are engineered using computer-aided design and manufacturing or CAD/CAM for short. This precision technology has facilitated our ambition meaning we can provide holistic sheet metal fabrication solutions for your projects.

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