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Communications industries

Akramatic have been producing sheet metal components for the telecoms industries for many years now. Over this time, we have invested in equipment and developed manufacturing methods to improve the quality of parts within this sector.

And as the global internet and local intranet sectors have grown over recent years, telecommunication parts have never been more sought after.

Some of the more common components we make for the telecoms market include:

  • Junction boxes
  • Switch and component enclosures
  • Telephone components
  • Copper bus bars
  • Aluminum heat sinks
  • Meter panels
  • Bracketing
  • Power distribution units
  • Gear trays

And more! If there is a part you need, we are confident that we can make it. Just get in touch with one of our expert engineers today to discuss your requirements.

From prototypes to mass production, you can count on Akramatic. For both large and small productions runs.

Over the last few years, we have continued to invest in the latest machines and software. With the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM), we can manufacture parts with more precision than ever before. Meaning our services have never been quicker, more affordable, and more accurate.

With our extensive capabilities comes a wholly comprehensive service. From the smallest bracket designs, telecom enclosures, to the largest, highly-complex sheet metal fabrications. For both large and small production runs and orders of components and sheet metal enclosures. We can make it. And all at a cost that is often lower than our competitors.

Make an enquiry today with Akramatic Engineering

If you require telecom enclosures or any other telecommunication parts, you will be in good hands with Akramatic.

Our engineers are well versed in the understanding of the telecommunication industry and the parts that are often needed. We are confident that we can deliver the highest possible results when it comes to metal fabrications and sheet metal enclosures for the industry.

We warmly welcome any enquiries you may have, so contact us today.

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