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Akramatic’s engineers have manufactured steel HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) chilled beams for over half a century. These beams are specially made to deliver quality and comfort into a building.

Working on these types of fabrications requires a close relationship with the HVAC components already within your business or premises in order to make them just right. Using some of the latest tools and equipment, we can craft HVAC beams at exactly the correct specifications you need. Right from the initial designs through to the finished product.

Our components can be made to either fit into the existing ductwork, or into a bespoke ductwork manufactured on our premises.

Quality fabrications servicing the heating ventilation sector

In our long history, our engineers have worked on metal components for virtually every HVAC-scenario. Some of our most common requests come from warehouses, factories, garages, greenhouses and more. And so making components for industrial warm air heating systems has become something of a speciality at Akramatic.

In the process we have developed a quality reputation for delivering everything from one-off requests to bulk, high-volume orders — keeping to the DW144 and DW142 standards as we work. Our team is ready to work with you and provide a multi-service chilled beam system exactly to your specifications.

With the concern over Covid-19, we have also been requested to manufacture parts for air disinfection systems. So if this is something you need components manufacturing for, we can be of assistance.

Why you should choose Akramatic for your pharmaceutical industry metalwork fabrications

Our trained specialists have fabricated bespoke parts for heating and ventilation services for years. If you need a high-quality part delivered on time and to your specifications, simply get in touch with one of our engineers.

As leading sheet metal fabricators, Akramatic offers HVAC manufacturers complete metal fabrication processes. Including laser cutting, CNC metal forming, welding, powder coating and more. Our resources, determination, and ability to efficiently manage projects mean we can fit into even the most complex supply chains.

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