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General industries

Almost everywhere you look in modern society, there is some form of metal fabrication. With so many ever-changing demands, sheet metal fabrication has developed into almost an art form, requiring ever precise craftsmanship.

We supply metalwork requirements to many different general industries. Popular areas that aren’t already covered in our industries pages include:

  • Manual handling
  • Food processing
  • Packaging
  • Office environments
  • Laboratory furniture

And more! We will almost certainly cover your industry, and often make unique and one-off items for special circumstances. Simply contact us for more information about metal work requirements for your specific business or circumstances. 

Examples of general industry metalwork components

Sub-assemblies and support frames in typical fabrications found in processing environments. Support fixtures to keep desks in place are commonplace in office and laboratory environments. Gates and machinery parts, balustrades, and more are also universal.

General metalwork fabrications are just as common in non-commercial settings, and are present in cabinets, roofing, drainage equipment, and more.

These are all more obvious examples. But precision sheet metal fabrications are diverse — ranging from enormous structural projects to intricate electronic components. If there is any situation that requires strength, conductivity, yet also flexibility, hardness and a resistance to corrosion, a well crafted piece of metalwork is usually the answer.

Why you should choose Akramatic for your general metalwork fabrications

Our specialists guarantee precision quality every time. The engineers we have on our team have many years of experience under their belt, and have worked on virtually every style and type of fabrication. This pool of knowledge gives us an excellent competitive advantage, and the ability to transform your designs and ideas into reality.

We are also proud to offer a turnkey package, meaning we will be happy to take your concepts and to develop your designs and processes, and then ultimately to manufacture the parts. So if you are looking for sheet metal folding, tube bending, CNC punching, or any other of our capabilities, get in touch today. 

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