Sheet Metal Folding

Fast, accurate sheet metal folding for truly customisable metal.

Premier sheet metal folding services that offer unrivalled precision and speed — and with impressively short lead times.

Our expert team have decades’ worth of experience with sheet metal folding. And because we run our machines 24/7, we have rapid turnaround times and can almost always beat our competitors on price. We are based in Derbyshire, but our services are available nationwide.

Sheet metal can be shaped or refashioned in many ways. And so our folding sheet metal equipment is typically used to make products such as boxes, pipes and enclosures. 

We are continually investing in sheet metal folding equipment to provide the best, most competitive service. Just recently, we have invested in two new Amada 3m press brakes allowing for increased output.

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Our Sheet Metal Folding Equipment

The process of folding metal is carried out on a press brake machine. We have a folding capacity – 3000m wide – 100 tonne presses. And five different machines capable of folding metal. Including:

  • Two 100-tonne x 3000mm NC controlled press brakes
  • Two 50-tonne x 2500mm NC controlled press brakes
  • One 35-tonne x 1250mm NC controlled press brake model

In addition, are able to offer solutions to your needs and can work with you on improving techniques / designs to value engineer components. Other reasons to choose us include:

  • We can fold or bend a range of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised, Durbar sheets and plates, Zintec and more.
  • We use computer-assisted numerical control technology for more precise, accurate results.
  • We can save your specifications to our computer database, so if you require more of the same fold we can work on it immediately. 
  • Robot folding and automated panel folding reduce labour costs, meaning we can offer very competitive rates.
  • Our machines run 24/7, to get the job done faster.

Reasons to choose us for your sheet metal folding needs

With our state-of-the-art industry leading equipment, we are able to provide you with completely bespoke, customisable metal sheet folding. Our precision bending service is ready and able to carry out projects of any calibre and size. 

Our CNC systems also make it easy for any customer requiring large batches metal folding and at regular intervals. This saves time on both your end and our end, making the process much smoother, quicker and driving down costs.

We also have a safety edge tooling process. This allows us to eliminate the chance of any sharp edges being left on the finished products by adding a tight 180-degree fold on to the edge of the folding steel. We also have tools at our disposal such as the roller-v tool, which protects folding steel and metal of various finishes from marks or damage during the metal folding process.

So as you can see, we are extremely dedicated to providing the very best sheet metal folding service. Not just in Derbyshire but across the UK.

Our Metal Engineering Capabilities:

More information about our folding sheet metal services

Sheet metal folding has a lot of uses across virtually all industries where metalwork is needed. Ranging from retail, to making fire protection components, to power generation

If you have any questions about our folding sheet metal fabrications, or are looking for a reliable sheet metal folding service, just contact us. One of our experts will be happy to assist.

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