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Laser Profiling & Cutting

For over 20 years, we have supplied quality laser cut parts to many industries. Our investments in the latest fibre laser technology has allowed us to keep up-to-date with what’s capable through metal profiling. 

We are able to profile the following materials:

  • Mild steel – upto 20mm thickness
  • Stainless steel – upto 10mm thickness
  • Laser cut brass – upto – 6mm thickness
  • Laser cut aluminium – upto 12mm thickness
  • Copper – upto 6mm thickness
  • Zintec – upto 3mm thickness
  • Galvanised sheets – upto 6mm thickness

Laser profiling and cutting is fast, clean, and very precise. The process also involves less wastage of materials. For these reasons and more, laser cutting is popular across a lot of industries. Including automotive industries such as road and rail, the medical industry, for power generation, as well as many other general purposes.

Technical information about our sheet metal laser cutting services

We use two Trumpf laser machines for our profiling cutting. The Trumpf 3530 Trulaser 4.0Kw and a trulaser 5030 3kw Fibre with Compact liftmaster loading. The maximum sheet size for both machines is 3000mm x 1500mm.

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