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Suppliers of high-volume, bespoke CNC punching services.

Our facilities have industry-leading CNC punching services allowing us to produce parts efficiently

Our expert team have provided CNC punching services for decades. Over this time we have developed a truly specialist knowledge along with the capabilities to execute the finest metal punching.

We offer a one-stop shop for all your CNC metal punching needs. Our specialists programme our machines using CAD/CAM software. This enables us to get your products over to you very quickly and of an extremely high quality. We also hold a vast array of tooling to meet your needs, and our facilities are capable of running lights out in order to reduce lead times.

Our punching capabilities do not simply stop at punching holes, we are also capable of tapping, engraving, forming and edge deburring using the same machine. This results in a highly competitive price for our customers.

We would be more than happy to discuss your needs, contact Akramatic Engineering on 01773 833223

Reasons to choose Akramatic for your CNC punching services

Our CNC sheet metal punching press equipment works seamlessly on most types of metals. Including:

  • Mild steel – upto 4mm thickness
  • Stainless steel – upto 3mm thickness
  • Zintec – upto 3mm thickness
  • Galvanized – upto 4mm thickness
  • Aluminium – upto 6mm thickness
  • Copper – upto 4mm thickness
  • Brass – upto 4mm thickness
  • Pre-coated steel – upto 4mm thickness

Our CNC punching machines feature an automatic sheet loading process. This cuts down on both manual labour and on time, allowing us to provide CNC punching services at some of the most competitive rates in the market. Our  CNC manufacturing process is networked-linked to our CAD/CAM systems. Meaning we can use computer-assisted design tools to deliver ultra-precise punching services.

With automated sheet loading and with our 24/7 facilities, we can rapidly and efficiently provide you with the CNC punching you need. Our CNC punching machine is also great if you are looking to emboss, form, bead, countersink, contour cut and part stamp.

Technical information about our CNC sheet metal punch machine

  • We use a Trumpf 2020R machine.
  • The maximum sheet size is 2540mm x 1270mm, with a maximum sheet weight of 150kg.
  • Our CNC punching machine has a maximum punch pressure of 18 tonnes.
  • It can produce a maximum sheet thickness of 6.4mm.
  • It has an automated tool station — removing the need for manual tool changes. Meaning we can further increase production speed.

Our Trumpf punch press machine is highly-accurate and able to produce repeatable, great quality profiled flat pattern blanks. We can punch pretty much every shape you could ask for, repetitively and efficiently.

We would be more than happy to look at your punching needs. Please contact one of our team members today, and we will get to work on your request. Having specialised in sheet metal fabrication, including CNC punching, since 1967 we’ve pretty much seen it all. So please consider us for your metal cutting requirements.

CNC punching is used across virtually all industries, including communications, the power generation industries, along with general engineering

Our Metal Engineering Capabilities:

FAQs — More information about our CNC Punching Machine Services

CNC punching is a manufacturing process that involves “punching” holes into different types of sheet metal. The CNC sheet metal punch is programmed for precision by a machine, and moves the sheet metal under the punching ram. Then a steel punch does the punching — usually an object made of hard steel — as it is compressed into the sheet metal. 

The punch can leave a hole or an indent, depending on what was programmed. CNC punching machines offer high levels of accuracy and precision, and are very efficient. They are great for making circle or rectangle shaped holes with very smooth edges.

There are two main options when it comes to cutting sheet metal. CNC metal punching or laser cutting. Both have great and unique benefits. However CNC punching can be the most cost-effective option if you’re looking for ‘common shape’ punches such as circles or rectangles.

Typically a machine known as a ‘turret punch’ carries our metal punching services. These machines are CNC controlled, and extremely precise, rapid and reliable. The beauty of turret punches is that, once the computer programme is set up, they can punch 24/7 without making mistakes or losing accuracy.

Our CNC sheet metal punching machine of choice is the Trumpf 2020R CNC punching machine — which even has automated sheet loading and tool changing. 

Metal punching services provide finished products for a range of applications. The most well-known being various perforated shapes (such as circles and rectangles). But the metal punching method is also used to help with the creation of countersinks, electrical enclosures, extrusions, louvres, and embossments. 

Our CNC punching services are varied across many commercial industries. For example, in the past we have supplied high volumes of tread plates (with the tread patterns punched into the surface) for vehicle companies. We’ve also manufactured elaborate cabinets for computer servers, which require lots of intricate parts and components. Along with point of sale units, retail fixtures, HVAC systems, lighting systems and more.

Piercing is a type of metal fabrication process that involves creating holes in raw metal. Holes of various shapes (such as circles, rectangles, and more) can be pierced through the metal.  The shape depends on the specific cut out instructed by the CAD (computer-aided design) file fed into the machine. Although it sounds similar to punching, the two are not the same. ‘Punching’ is the process of creating metal objects into specific shapes — 2D or 3D —  using a die, not just piercing holes.

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